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We have been in the field of export business since 2010 - successful at that - and we pride ourselves in always thinking outside the box and trying to grow our business by gaining new acquaintances and expanding our network of client


We have great ,long lasting relationships with top clients. We are used to export herbs , spices and seeds to all over the world like , Bangladesh , Poland , Germany , Australia , Saudi Arabia , Jordon , Yemen ,Sweden ….ETC

Our business began in the field of exporting all kinds of organic and non-organic Egyptian dried seeds, herbs, and some dehydrated vegetables. Before establishing Herbs Egypt Company we have been working as a supplier of all kinds of organic and non-organic dried seeds and herbs from our own farms in El-Fayoum city to most of the big companies in this field in Egypt. After working as a supplier for more than ten years our goods have gained a good reputation among Egyptian exporters. This good reputation was the main reason to encourage us to establish our own exporting company. What makes us able to offer products with high quality and still at competitive prices is the fact that we have our own farms to get raw materials from. This makes our traceability procedure of all products very easy and accurate as it enables us to fully control all steps of the business from cultivating, harvesting, drying, handling, processing, storing, to the final step which is shipping

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